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Christmas Alternatives

Santa Alternative

An alternative to Santa Claus interferring with Christmas and the real reason we celebrate. {The birth of Christ} You can talk about St Nicholas, a man that served God by giving to children. Also on December 5 you can have children put their shoes outside their bedroom doors before bed and after they are asleep fill them with small gifts. Or on December 5 you and your children can go through all their toys and games for almost-new things and donate to a local shelter or charity to follow in St Nick's footsteps.

Gift Alternative

Another alternative could be to exchange gifts on a different day other than Christmas or Christmas Eve. St. Nicholas Day is December 6 to exchange before Christmas or exchange after Christmas on Epiphany, January 6. This way you can celebrate Christmas with more emphasis on the spiritual meaning.. Do make sure this is agreed upon by the whole family or it can spoil the entire season.



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