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A Christmas Story


Back a few years ago there was a family getting ready to go to a special Christmas Service at their church. Well the Father had just gotten home from work and said he didn't really feel like driving back in to town to go to the service but insisted on the rest of the family to go. Mother, brother, and sister all went and father decided to take a nap on the couch. About an hour goes by and father starts hearing this loud thud. As if somebody was knocking almost.

Father got up and looked around. He checked the door and nobody was there, just when he was about to decide to ignore it he realized it was coming from the den. When father went to look what he saw astonished him. What was happening was some birds outside wanted to come in to the warm house. Well, being a compassionate man he decided he would try to help these birds. He went and got his coat and boots on and went outside to the barn. He opened the doors and tried to attract the birds inside because it was warm and he put some feed down. Try as he could those birds wouldn't pay any attention to him and kept flying into the window trying to get in the house. This bothered the father and then he realized, God goes through this exact thing. You see God sent Jesus to Earth to be our Savior plain and clear but so many just ignore Him. We have away out of the cold, will you take it?