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Advent Calendars


Get a large piece of green or red felt approximately 4 foot by 8 inch. Sew on to it a piece of red or green felt approximately 4 foot by 4 inch, make sure to leave the top open creating a pocket. Divide the pocket into 25 pockets and sew. {approximately every two inches} Cut numbers 1-25 out of felt or use paint, glitter, etc to number each pocket. After Banner is finished and dry, write Bible verses onto 25 small pieces of paper and put them 1 in each pocket. Every day have the children read a verse and say a prayer until Christmas.


Make 25 strips of paper 1 inch by 6 inch out of red and green construction paper. On red links write blessings, things to thank God for. On the green links write down names of people you know, friends, relatives, neighbors, etc. Put the chain together alternating red and green with tape, glue or staple. Everyday till Christmas, pull a link. Give thanks to God for your blessings and pray for the people you know.


Collect 24 natvitiy pieces. Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, shephards, animals, wise men, etc. Keep the figures in a basket and on each day of the advent place a piece in the nativity scene. Talk about certain pieces and read scripture to go with.

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