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Sharing Christmas With Others

Baby Shower for Jesus

Host a baby shower for Jesus. Invite several families and ask them to bring baby gifts. Donate the gifts to a local shelter or charity for unwed or in need mothers.


Get a list of shut-ins from your local church and gather up a few people that can make a joyful noise. Go around to the nursing homes and houses of the shut-ins or others and sing some Christmas songs.

Christmas Quilt

Gather old blankets scraps of cloth and have a quilting bee, this is a great family project or church project after the quilts are done donate to a homeless shelter or a help center. The quilts don't have to be perfect just warm and cozy.

Mitten Tree

Have a Sunday School class or Church set up a bare Christmas tree for this one. All during the Christmas season have a mitten and glove drive. Have these new or almost new hand warmers placed on the tree. After Christmas donate to a homeless shelter to distribute. Make sure children understand that because they are doing this another child will have warm hands.

A Giving Tree

Use a small extra tree in your house or church to place gifts for the needy. Children can buy gifts with their own money or wrap nearly new toys of their own. Let the gifts gather and then on Christmas Eve, take to a local shelter or charity to have them pass out. {It is helpful if you put a tag with what is in the gift}

Birds need Charity too

At the begining of December, have the family string popcorn and cranberries for a bird's Christmas tree. You can also make inecone feeders by covering them with peanut butter and rolling in bird seed. Some birds also like fruit loops and apple jacks. This activity brings the reminded of God's love for us and nature.

Spread Good Cheer

Make a Banner to go over you door that says: Share a Smile Today! Add smiley faces as a reminder. What a joyous way to spread happiness.

Visiting Others

Make plans for a trip to a nursing home close to Christmas. Be sure to make aware to young children that the people may want to hug them or touch their hair and cheeks. It might be frightful for the younger children but the people that live in the homes are so touched by the visit.

Gift Baskets

AS a Sunday School or Missions project make fruit baskets or boredom baskets {magazines, lotions, puzzle books, a Bible, etc.}. Get permission from your local hospital to deliever them and speak to the staff to see which patients are in need the most.



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