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Good Friday

Jesus is Crucified

Judas went through with his plan. He knew Jesus well enough to suspect that it would be to the Garden of Gethsemane that he would retreat. It was there that he betrayed his Master with a traitor’s kiss. Throughout Thursday night, Jesus stood trial.  Although Pilate, the Roman governor, could find no cause for imposing the death penalty, he yielded to the crowd'’s demand when he presented Jesus to them.
They hammered nails into the wood through his hands, they split his feet through cutting into the rough cross. Helpless he was crucified, a shame and a mockery of a man, pinned to death...they had won. Destroyed, rejected, broken, his very person seemed to have been shattered, no one would follow his teaching, or believe anything he had said any more.  His mother, Mary, with Mary Magdalene and John, stood by, and millions of others of all times and nations, who believe in Him as the Beloved Son of God.

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